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Why Thrive! And Why It Is Better

Why Thrive!

    As people, we can and should aspire to build, achieve and sustain a thriving future for all.  Aspire to not only survive but thrive. Aspire individually and together to build a much better future. Aspire to Thrive!, achieving a thriving future for all forever.

    Motivating and enabling us is the “human force”, a large, positive and sustained driver of our behavior.  It exists within us as a species. It is our human need to survive and desire to thrive today and forever.  Humans have a unique desire to thrive. Humans have a unique ability and motivation to think through how to survive and thrive in the future.

    This force is not the temporary whim of a leader, a religion, a philosophy, a movement, a government or an historical occurrence. It is the primary, inherent and never-ending motivating and enabling force that drives our behavior positively.

   Thrive! is driven by this “human force”. It is a large, positive and sustained force for “everyone and everything” and for the “short and long term future”.

   If and only if we survive long enough, it will help create a surviving and thriving future for all forever. But there is a near term threat to survival from those who focus only on “me” and the “short term future”. It is also from our people, communities and world already being broken.  As a result, our future survival is endangered and requires our action.

    Now is the time for Thrive!, strategic advocacy for a thriving future for each and all of us. It is for the whole person, whole family, whole community, whole nation and whole world. It is to move people from low to high ability, motivation, performance and status. It is strategic advocacy to move us all from vulnerability to surviving to thriving.

    Thrive! is aspiration, vision, mission and call to action.  Is a necessary and desirable vast, sustained human endeavor for now and the future. Thrive! is achieving a thriving future for all forever. 

Why Thrive! Is Better

   Thrive! is the call for action to fix what is broken and build a thriving and surviving future for all forever. It is unique and better than past and current approaches because it:

  • Strives to achieve a thriving and sustained future for all.  Also helps ensure survival, a necessary but not sufficient step to achieving a thriving future.

  • Joins people of all backgrounds/generations together to achieve a thriving future.

  • Addresses every person, community and issue.

  • Uses whole "community" (local, regional, State, national, global) strategy, change and thriving futures.  Goes beyond piecemeal strategies.

  • Uses whole "person" strategy, change and thriving futures.  Goes beyond focusing only on parts (health, hunger, poor education, insufficient income, etc.).

  • Uses whole "system" (community, health, education, economy, housing, etc.) strategy, change and thriving futures. Goes beyond piecemeal strategies for parts of a system.

  • Takes integrated approach to cross-cutting issues.

  • Uses integrated approach to people/environment strategy, change and thriving futures.  Goes beyond focusing only on people or the environment.

  • Uses a "person-centered" strategic approach that recognizes people's behaviors are both problem and solution. Addresses "human behavior".

  • Uses strategic/operational planning with strategic/operational execution.

  • Uses next generation strategy and tools to create and sustain change and build thriving future.  Goes beyond past approaches that fail or have limited success.

  • Uses "eMedia", including social media and networking, to expand communication and collaborative action and activate a vast movement in "real time".

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